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Back to the USA!


March 1, 2016
We arrived to brutally cold temperatures in St. Louis on the morning of February 2.  It was a quite a shock to our system coming from Ecuador!  The past month has been spent buying appropriate clothes for the season, getting the practical aspects of our life here organized, visiting with friends and family and reporting to some of our supporting churches in the area.
We will be in the USA until May 31.  That gives us four months to reach our goals for our home ministry time and visit as many friends and family as possible.  We’ve already had wonderful visits at Rockwood Bible Church, Woodburn Bible Church and Trimble Bible Church.  We’ve also spoken at two high school Spanish events, one of which was an all-day “Spanish Market” where we had the opportunity to use our Spanish and act as vendors for the students to practice their negotiating skills.

Plans for HMA

As always, our primary goal here in the US is to serve our ministry partners in any way we can.  That includes reporting on how God has turned their investment into changed lives in Cayambe, Ecuador.  We can’t possibly visit everyone we want to in the short time that we have, but our goal is to be as much of an encouragement to each member of our team as they have been to us.
The ministry in Cayambe has grown significantly in the past several years, and so have our operating expenses. High inflation in Ecuador, rising health insurance costs, and other factors have made it clear that we need an additional $1000/month for the ministry to function properly. We are very grateful to the churches who support us corporately each month, but we also love the more intimate relationship we have with the individual families who support us each month.  Did you know that the majority of our financial support comes from individuals, not corporate giving? If you already partner with us in a personal way, we want to say thank you, and ask if you would consider an increase in your current commitment.  If your church already supports us, would you consider deepening your partnership with us by also supporting us personally on a monthly basis or with a special gift?  Crossworld has completely renovated its website to make it easier than ever to join our support team. You can simply click here to visit  Of course, you can still send a check with a note explaining your intention to support David and Brenda Meyer’s ministry directly to Crossworld USA, Finance Department, 10000 N Oak Trafficway, Kansas City, MO 64155.
We know that our work with the people of Ecuador is simply the “point of the spear” reflecting the support and prayers of a vast team of believers like you.  We thank you for your commitment to help us continue bringing Christ to Cayambe.

Snow days!

Daniel and Luke are huge fans of the snow, but not so much of the cold that comes with it.  One day this month, we found Luke doing his homework while wearing his large winter coat, snow gloves, and a hat…in the house! These boys are definitely more accustomed to the warm climate of Ecuador!
Please pray for our boys as they adapt to living here the next three months and as they miss their friends in Ecuador.  We have already been able to make several teleconference calls on Skype to let them talk to their friends.  We are also grateful to the South County Bible Church family for welcoming our boys into their kids club where they have a chance to make some American friends as well.


While we are gone, the church in Cayambe is sharing the ministry load quite well.  The preaching responsibilities are divided between several men of the church and some visiting pastors.  The children and ladies ministries are being coordinated by our co-worker, Gissela.  Our student at Word of Life in Argentina, David, is helping in the youth group while he is home for “summer break”.  The men of the church continue to meet together every Saturday night.  Please join us in praying for the believers there who are not only anxiously awaiting our return, but also growing in their maturity while we are gone.
Please also pray for the men of the church as they are beginning to make plans to look at the best ways to expand the property to accommodate a larger church building.  The one we are meeting in now is already getting too small!

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