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A Summer of Investment

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September 7, 2016

aug2016_1   Often, summer vacation is viewed as a time to rest and relax from the routine.  However, for us here in Cayambe, it’s a golden time of investment in the future of the ministry.  There is no better time to disciple young people than when they are on vacation from school.  This year, most kids were only off of school during the month of August.  The youth in our church spent their days in service and being served.  We had two weeks of VBS, the first week at the church in Primero de Mayo and the second in the community of Cangahuapungo.  In Primero de Mayo, we had 130 children and many parents attending the 5 days of club and the closing program on Sunday.

In Cangahuapungo we had an average of about 60 kids for each day of VBS.  The community welcomed us with open arms. aug2016_2 We are excited about the possibility of opening a weekly meeting in this community to reach not only the children, but also their parents with the Gospel of Christ. From our perspective, one of the most valuable things parts of this ministry is the opportunity for our church to be involved in reaching out to a new community and to use their gifts to serve others.  This is true discipleship in action, followers of Christ who are leading others to do the same.
aug2016_3In addition to two weeks of VBS, we also sent our teens to two weeks of camp at Camp Eden.  The younger teens from 13-16 years old went the first week, and the older you from 17-25 years of age went the second week. Dave went as the conference speaker with the theme of “True Success” taken from the life of Joseph.  You can watch a video summary of the week of camp by clicking on this link.

The best news from the two weeks of camp is that two of our teens, both named Jessica, came to truly know Jesus as Savior.  The first aug2016_4Jessica spent over an hour with Dave discussing her confusion about true faith.  When she realized her need to receive Jesus as Savior beyond an intellectual understanding of who he is, she was so excited about her new faith that she found Jessica Fernanda and told her about her decision.  As a result of Jessica’s testimony, a short time later Jessica Fernanda also decided to receive Jesus as Savior! We have been working with both of these girls for years, but they finally came to understand their need during the week of camp.  We have already seen an amazing transformation in their attitudes and our outlook on life since returning from camp.  It’s the reason we do what we do.  Disciples making disciples.  Thank you for your part in supporting this work.  It’s people like you who make these amazing stories of transformed lives possible.

Investing in the Future

aug2016_5David Garcia is almost half way through his time at Word of Life in Argentina!  We were blessed to have him with us for four months over the Christmas season and we were very excited to see how much he has grown and how passionate he is about returning to Cayambe to serve in the church.  We really believe God is preparing David to be the future pastor of the church in Primero de Mayo.  He only has a year and a half left!  We want to thank each one of you who contributed to his scholarship to aid in his education to this point.  Now we are asking you to help him finish well.  David needs a total of $5000 to finish this year and cover his tuition for next year as well.  We want to give you the opportunity to be a part of the future here in Cayambe.  Word of Life has made it very easy to help finance their students.  Their headquarters in New York will channel the funds directly to David in Argentina.  If you would like to send a check, make it out to “Word of Life” and in the note line or on a separate piece of paper write, “Argentina BI Scholorship 02048A, student David Garcia from Ecuador”.  Mail your donation to:
Word of Life
PO Box 600
Schroon Lake, NY 12870
If it’s more convenient to give online.  You can do that at this link.  Or go to,  Search “Argentina BI Scholarship” and after filling out your information, make sure to include “For David Garcia from Ecuador” in the comments section.  Thank you for your investment in the future of the church here in Cayambe.

New School Year

aug2016_6Daniel and Luke have begun their new school year at home.  Luke is starting 4th grade and Daniel is starting 7th.  It’s hard to believe we have a Junior Higher!  Both boys love their video school through Bob Jones Academy.  We are quickly getting into the routine, and we’re excited as baseball season is right around the corner for their little league.
One interesting change for this year is that we decided to give each of the boys a class of Spanish.  They speak fluently, but they’ve never had a grammar class! So we’re being a little more proactive with their Spanish language learning to make sure there aren’t any gaps as they get older.  Being bilingual means that they have two grammar classes each day, but they seem to enjoy it.
We are also getting settled into our routine ministries in the church after the whirlwind that was our summer.  We have kid’s club on Mondays, Ladies group on Wednesdays, Men’s group on Thursdays and Youth group on Saturdays.  We are looking forward to getting deeper in to the lives of our people and seeing them continue to grow in their faith while reaching new people for Christ.


Get Amazing Stories

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