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So many things to be thankful for!


November 21, 2016
Our back patios renovation.

The past two months have brought us so many opportunities to be thankful for, but we are most thankful for you because without you on our team, none of these things would have been possible. We want to make sure we say thank you for all of the financial support and prayers you have offered to help us make disciples in Cayambe.

Vision 2016

Crossworld is more than just a mission to us.

They are so much more than the organization that we work for. Crossworld is family. We are privileged to be part of an incredible, God-centered organization that is reaching the nations of the world in extraordinary ways. In October, Dave had the opportunity to travel to Kansas City and be part of a week-long meeting of workers from all parts of the globe in a gathering called Vision 2016. vision2016It was a time of amazing interactions and fellowship with some of God’s elite servants working in some of the most challenging environments on Earth. As an organization, we were able to form some strong themes for future development as a mission, and also forge bonds of friendship that unite us as an organization. Since it was such a short trip, Dave didn’t get to see many of you, but know that you are in our prayers and our thoughts.

Vision Visitors

Shortly after Dave arrrived from the Vision 2016 conference, we received a couple coming to Ecuador on a vision trip of their own. soltsFor three weeks, we hosted Caleb and Katrina Solt. They are a young couple seeking God’s will in their lives for a future in full-time ministry. They have a heart for the Latin American people, and a desire to make disciples among the nations. We spent a great deal of time with them showing them the various aspects of ministry and helping guide them in their decisions for the future. Please continue to pray for this couple’s future opportunities in ministry.

Renovation of our House

Our house is much more than just where we lay our heads at night. It is also a hub of ministry activity. Our house is where important meetings take place, where we host ministry teams from the US, and where we practice hospitality to those who were are reaching with the Gospel of Christ.renovation Recognizing all that activity, we realized that the rear patio was an ideal space to expand our ability to host. It was a very under-used space before, but now we have transformed it into a large area useful as an indoor space. It was a lot of work moving our reserve water tank, our wash basin, and raising the floor six inches. The roof installation was also very challenging because of the shape of the space, but it was an effort that will pay for itself in the lives we will reach in this new space.

Important note about Christmas Gifts

Every year, many of you decide to bless our family with special gifts for Christmas. If you would like to send a gift that will be used personally for our family, rather than as part of our ministry account, please send it to: 4380 Seibert Avenue, Saint Louis, MO 63123. Crossworld cannot pass on personal gifts for tax reasons.

An Unforgettable Worship Experience


Our youth were able to experience an incredible concert by Christian artist, Willy Gonzalez, known as “Redimi2” in Quito.  They earned their concert tickets washing cars, selling cakes, and doing odd jobs for people in the church.
Redimi2 is one of our youth’s favorite artists, so when we heard he was coming to Ecuador, they spent two months working towards their tickets.  We had 38 people in our group.  We first attended a youth conference where Willy spoke on the reality that the young people in our church must be utilized in the church now, not told they have to wait until they are older.  His testimony is an amazing story of how God saved him out of a rough neighborhood in the Dominican Republic.  Now he is a world-renowned Christian artist serving the Lord.  You can click in the image above to open a video clip from the concert in Youtube.

Colada Morada and Guaguas de Pan

guaguasEcuador doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving, but they do have a big holiday in November for Day of the Dead.  This is a holiday celebrated in different ways throughout Latin America.  In Ecuador, it is celebrated by taking food to deceased loved ones in the cemetery.  It has become somewhat secularized to include a family time of making bread dolls called “guaguas” (Waa-waas) and a delicious fruit stew made with blackberries, strawberries, pineapple, and blueberries.  As a church family, we celebrated together with a family game day with everyone bringing ingredients to make this special meal.  As you can see from the picture above, it was delicious!

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