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Fighting the Good Fight Together


June 5, 2017
Special Sunday service
Sunda Service

A moment of dedication on a special Sunday.

One of the greatest words of advice that the Apostle Paul gave Timothy was “fight the good fight of the faith” (1 Tim. 6:12). Living a life of righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance and gentleness as the previous verse describes isn’t easy.  It’s a fight.  Serving Christ in ministry is a fight.  Since we last wrote, we’ve had some victories and some defeats, but we keep fighting with you at our side.  We know that there are many prayer warriors like you standing shoulder to shoulder with us in the fight to bring the cross to Cayambe.
Attacks from the enemy come in a variety of ways.  Some of them come from the outside, but the most dangerous ones come from within.  As a congregation we have been struggling with the effects of personal sin in the lives of some of the members of our congregation. Some of our young people have fallen to the consequences of sexual sin, and even some of our leaders are struggling with personal sins in their homes. The church leadership decided that the church has fallen into the trap of forgetting our first love, much like the church of Ephesus in Revelation 2.  Therefore, we have had a series of Sundays studying the seriousness of sin, the characteristics of true repentance, and the need to renew our love for God.  This spiritual cleansing process culminated in a Sunday of repentance where everyone had the opportunity to symbolically confess their sin and nail it to a literal cross.  This was to symbolize dying to that sin, and renewing a life of dedication to the One who hung on that cross, paying the price for those sins. It was a powerful time together, and one that we believe has begun a time of renewal.
You can fight alongside of us in prayer. The battle is very real, and it has the power to divide, denigrate and destroy the church.  We need your prayers for spiritual integrity and that God’s Spirit would bring restoration to the fallen and revival to the fatigued.

Youth in Action Victory Video

On May 20th, our teens brought home the first place trophy for Bible Quizzing for the second time! We competed against 7 other churches all of them much larger than ours. One of our young men also brought home first place in preaching in his age group, and another one of our girls second place in women’s Bible study. It was a great victory by a fairly young team.  These are the victories against the world’s influences that we celebrate, but we need your prayers for our teens as they face incredible pressure from society and sometimes their own families to live against God’s Word. Many of them are the only believers in their family, and the peer pressure is intense. You can watch a video summary of the day’s activities on our Youtube channel.

5K Race Video

Awarding prizes in the 5K

Awarding prizes in the 5K

“What is a church doing hosting a 5K run?” It was the third time the radio host had asked me the question during the live interview promoting the race to the entire city of Cayambe. He had never heard of a church so involved in their community. The impact of the a church that is truly part of the community is clear. In fact, our ministry has always maintained close ties the community through hosting Christmas programs, helping in community development projects, even building a playground for the children of the neighborhood.  This was the first year the community leaders asked us to host a 5K race as part of the celebration of the anniversary of the creation of the barrio.  We planned and executed two races, a 1K race for kids in two age groups, and a 5K race for the adults.  As a church we covered everything including the prizes, tents, publicity, and volunteers. About 200 people came out to watch the race. All of them received information about the church.  If you’d like to get a sense of what it was like to be there, click on this link to watch the video on Youtube.

For Prayer:
June 9-18, Cotinga Foundation Visit
June 25, Baptism Service
June 23-July 2, Genesis Church Visit
June 29-July 2, Church Family Conference

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