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Invest in one to reach hundreds


February 20, 2015

One of the fundamental principles our ministry is built upon is discipleship.  Investing in time, resources and effort in one person who will do the same for many more people.  It is this concept of multiplication that brought incredible growth to the early church and what will bring lasting growth to the ministry in Ecuador. 

What a Year!

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January 5, 2015

Our Year in Review What a year 2014 has been!  There were more challenges, more victories, more tragedies, and people to reach than any other year since we’ve been in Ecuador.  This has been a roller-coaster year with some real ups and downs, but we are thankful to have been a part of every step

Evangelism Conference Update


November 18, 2014

Our time with Mke and Rita Sanders has come to close, and we’ve had some time to reflect on their visit with us.  Probably more valuable than the evangelism conference itself was the time spent with the families of our church.  Mike and Rita made a priority out of personal visits, and it paid off

Evangelism Conference Prayer Reminder


November 6, 2014

We just wanted to send out a quick reminder to ask for prayer for this weekend’s evangelism conference. Evangelists, Mike and Rita Sanders, have been with us now for over a week and the response to their individual visits and counseling has been very good.  We have had the opportunity to counsel several families in

To the Dominican Republic and Back Again


October 24, 2014
The conference group in the DR.

Before we say anything more about our trip to the Dominican Republic this month, we want to begin by saying “thank you” to everyone who helped make the trip possible.  We were blown away by the generosity of so many people who made the trip financially feasible for us.  Without your enthusiastic support, none of

The End of Summer and the Beginning of the New School Year


September 11, 2014
VBS kids at church

Our summer has come to a close, but we are now beginning a new school year and a new regular schedule that has us very excited.  Summer went out with a bang with one of the largest Vacation Bible Schools we have ever had.  This year’s theme was “Passport to the First Century”.  We gave

A Special Opportunity for Our Family


August 27, 2014

We don’t often have special needs in the ministry, but we do have an opportunity that has recently presented itself and that we would like to share with you.  Our mission, Crossworld, is hosting an all-Latin America conference in the Dominican Republic, September 29-October 4, for all of its missionaries who work in Spanish-speaking countries. 

Summing Up An Amazing Summer


August 12, 2014
Our family in front of the San Rafael waterfall

How can we summarize one of the most stretching, exciting and spiritually successful summers we’ve ever had in Ecuador?  Simply amazing. While it’s impossible for us to tell you all the details of the events of the past couple of months, we can show you pictures and tell you a few stories to give you

How do you measure success?


June 18, 2014

If you’re a carpenter, you can measure success by the quality of your work.  An auto-mechanic can measure his success by the number of vehicles repaired in a week.  An architect measures his success by the completion of his plans.  When you are in ministry, how do you measure success?  I believe the Bible gives

April Showers Bring May Flowers


May 5, 2014

Easter in Ecuador   April has been a month filled with joys and with challenges.  We experienced great joy in the planning and execution of our Easter service.  It has become a tradition to unite our congregation with the congregation of our sister church in El Quinche for a joint service on Easter Sunday.  Last

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