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Summing Up An Amazing Summer


August 12, 2014
Our family in front of the San Rafael waterfall

How can we summarize one of the most stretching, exciting and spiritually successful summers we’ve ever had in Ecuador?  Simply amazing. While it’s impossible for us to tell you all the details of the events of the past couple of months, we can show you pictures and tell you a few stories to give you

How do you measure success?


June 18, 2014

If you’re a carpenter, you can measure success by the quality of your work.  An auto-mechanic can measure his success by the number of vehicles repaired in a week.  An architect measures his success by the completion of his plans.  When you are in ministry, how do you measure success?  I believe the Bible gives

April Showers Bring May Flowers


May 5, 2014

Easter in Ecuador   April has been a month filled with joys and with challenges.  We experienced great joy in the planning and execution of our Easter service.  It has become a tradition to unite our congregation with the congregation of our sister church in El Quinche for a joint service on Easter Sunday.  Last

A Marriage in March


March 11, 2014

Three Months in Three Minutes The past three months since returning from Home Assignment have been a blur of activity.  Even though we have been regularly updating our website, newsletters, and Facebook account, it’s sometime s helpful to have a summary of events in video form.  For this reason, we put together a brief video

February Update Video

Updates, Video

February 22, 2014

We’d like to present all of our friends and family an update on what’s been happening since we got back to Ecuador in December.  We’ve had some amazing things happen in the ministry, and one of the best ways to share it with you is through video.  We hope you enjoy this brief update on

Goodbye 2013


January 7, 2014

What a year this has been!  We have been truly blessed by our time back in Ecuador since our return on December 3rd.  The people have really rallied for all of our end of year events.  The church has come together and we even added another new believer to the family.   There is so much

Pleasant Surprises in Ecuador


December 6, 2013
church patio

After 80 days in the USA, we’re back home safe and sound in our home in Ecuador.  The trip on Tuesday was one of the smoothest we’ve ever had, due in large part to the fact that the boys are no longer toddlers, we suppose.  This is the first time we have left to go

We’re Back!


October 8, 2013
Our family in front of Crossworld headquarters

  We’ve been back in the USA for three weeks already and we are finally feeling like we are getting our bearings.  At first we really felt like fish out of water, but we are slowly re-adapting to life here.  Our time at Crossworld headquarters was very well spent.  We, together with 13 other couples,

A Summer to Remember


September 11, 2013

We haven’t sent an E-mail update in a while.  If you follow us on Facebook, you’ve already been tracking through the many activities from this summer.  Since a picture is “worth a thousand words” we’ll try to tell the story of this summer in the following images. Be sure to click on the images to

Chatham Team Update


July 11, 2013
painting crew

The team from Chatham Bible Church did a fantastic job during their week here with us.  One of the advantages of being the group that does the finish painting is being able to watch the transformation of the facilities before your eyes.  The best way for us to help you understand what the week was

Get Amazing Stories

Get our regular newsletter delivered straight to your inbox for up to the minute news about what's happening! Sign Up Now.
Help us bring Christ to Cayambe