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Great Videos from October!

Updates, Video

October 30, 2017

As usual, October has been a month full of activity.  We took our youth group to the inauguration of the school year event with all the other churches of our association. The inauguration of the Youth Bible Clubs is a whole Saturday of conferences, praise and worship, and games. Dave was asked to be the

A Summer of Investment

Updates, Video

September 7, 2016

   Often, summer vacation is viewed as a time to rest and relax from the routine.  However, for us here in Cayambe, it’s a golden time of investment in the future of the ministry.  There is no better time to disciple young people than when they are on vacation from school.  This year, most kids

VBS 2016 Video

Updates, Video

August 15, 2016

Most schools in the USA have already started back up again, we here in Ecuador are just getting started on our summer break.  This is by far the busiest time of year for us, but we wanted to give you an idea of what we’re up to this month.  We just finished our first week

Short term teams leave long term impact

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July 21, 2016

We are often asked about the value of short-term visits to the ministry.  Our answer is always the same: short-term teams leave a long-term impact.  This has certainly been true of the teams we have received since our return to Ecuador.  Since our arrival back on the field in June, we’ve had the opportunity to

We’re home!

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June 7, 2016

We were met with an excited welcoming committee from our church as we arrived at the airport in Quito last Tuesday night.  It was suddenly as if we had never left, except for the 12 suitcases that emptied their contents all over our house.  There was no time to rest, however, as our praise team

Goodbye 2015

Updates, Video

January 4, 2016

As most people were recovering from the Christmas rush, we were just starting to gear up for our biggest community event of the year, our New Year’s Festival. In Ecuador, New Year’s is the biggest holiday of the year.  One tradition here is to say goodbye to the old year by burning an effigy that

A Mission Trip at Christmas!

Updates, Video

December 24, 2015

Tomorrow’s the big day! We just wanted to send a brief word of encouragement during this special time.  This year, our church decided to do something very different for Christmas.  Instead of focusing on Christmas programs and activities that we do mostly for ourselves, we decided to give back some of the incredible blessings we

VBS in Cangahuapungo

Updates, Video

September 4, 2015

Many of you have been asking us how the VBS in Cangahuapungo went.  We are happy to inform that it could not have gone better!  The people received us very openly and were not only excited to see us, but repeatedly asked if we could come again!  We had an average attendance of about 75

VBS in Primero de Mayo

Updates, Video

August 24, 2015

We just had one of the best weeks of VBS in Primero de Mayo that we’ve ever had and we couldn’t wait to tell you about it!  The best way to get a good understanding of the work at VBS this year is to take a look at this photo album (or just click on

Cayambe Takes First Place!


May 4, 2015

We just had one of the most challenging weekends of our ministry, but it was all worth it to see our teens bring home a first place trophy in Bible Quizzing during our church association’s Youth in Action competition.  As always, we were competing against some churches 10 times our size, but our teens’ commitment

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